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Biophilic Design

The use of biophilia in the workplace is a rapidly growing trend that has huge benefits. 


Biophilia is our desire to be close or around things that connect us to nature and the natural environment.


In design terms, this might involve using natural materials within an environment such as exposed wood or tree bark; It could mean introducing plant life and foliage into interior design; This can also all be tied together by replicating natural light within the space.

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At Calibo, we are passionate about improving our working and living environments to create healthy spaces that are not only safe to work and live in for long periods of time but that we enjoy spending time in because they make us feel good. One of the key ways that we aim to do this is through biophilic lighting. 

We have a fantastic range of architectural lighting which is available in various sizes, shapes, finishes and lighting outputs. These products go a long way to improving a space on their own merit...


...combine them with biophilic elements such as moss for an additional biophilic element and these fittings are in a different league altogether. 

Our range of biophilic lights, much like the rest of our architectural range, can be designed and produced as bespoke pieces specifically to fit any project.

There are countless benefits to introducing Biophilia Lights to a design. 

Biophilia Lights


Circulo Base Moss


Circulo Vega Moss