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Lux Levels

It's important to get the lighting levels right in every installation. Here, we look at the recommended levels for different areas of lighting.

Lighting is important, not only in order to effectively carry out the tasks intended for the environment, but also to ensure that lighting is not detrimental to health. Poor lighting can lead to accidents if hazards are not easily visible. It can also cause eye strain, headaches and contribute to poor concentration and productivity levels.

Illuminance is measured in Lux.

1 Lux = 1 lumen / sq metre

For every area of installation several points should be considered while creating a lighting design and choosing the best products:

  • What task is the area intended for?

  • Is the lighting product suitable for the area of use?

  • Does the lighting need to be flexible to support rearrangement of the area?

  • Are there any obstructions from walls or furniture which could cause shadows and dark patches?

  • What colour are the walls? Darker walls reflect less light and can soften shadows.


Below are the recommended Lux Levels for different types of workspace:

Conference room: 300 - 500 Lux
Corridor: 50 - 100 Lux
Kitchen areas: 300 - 750 Lux
Reception: 200 - 300 Lux
Breakout areas: 100 - 300 Lux
Office: 300 - 500 Lux
Restrooms: 100 - 300 Lux
Retail areas: 200 - 500 Lux
Stairs: 50 - 100 Lux
Lifts: 50 - 100 Lux
Storage room: 50 - 200 Lux
Workshop: 300 - 750 Lux
Warehouse: 100 - 200 Lux
Packing areas: 200 - 300 Lux

This should be used as a guide only. Specific building requirements should be carefully considered.


Other things to consider are glare, flicker and reflections. We will be looking at these issues and how to reduce them in future posts.

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